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long beach on new york where it's brutal tonight. first let's get to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who is live in our storm center. rick, who is getting it? >> yeah. kind of the exact same spot, the areas that got sandy generally. do i have to tell you the heaviest of the snow is a little bit farther north in across parts of connecticut. we didn't talk much about connecticut from sandy mostly just because we saw so much of the damage across long island and new jersey. a lot of people were without power there across areas of connecticut. a lot of tree damage. they are getting the heaviest of the snow. the storm has tracked a little farther to the east than we initially predicted that pulled down colder air. so snow now across all areas of long island and in towards new york city. if there is any good part of this, it's that it is not horribly cold and so the snow is not going to stick for very long down across at least on the road. so that's part of the good news. take a look at -- put this forward in time where around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. tonight. by around :00 p.m., the snow stops ar
for help. >> rick reichmuth is there live this morning with an update. rick, when you drive in there, what strikes you. i was in staten island a week ago. and just the devastation out on the sidewalk, personal items thrown out. mattresses. what hits you this morning? >> >> well, you certainly see that just take a look down the street here. you get the same idea of that. people's, you know, stuff that is no longer good is out on the streets. you are also struck by the amount of areas you go through that don't have power. coming in here at night, you suddenly it's pitch black. we don't ever really think about how pitch black it is until you are driving down the street and it's there. and then you go through some neighborhoods where there is light. that's been the big problem for people is not only that they're not getting their energy back on as quickly as they would like, obviously. they are also not getting the information from the long island power authority as to when they are going to get their power back on. so take a listen to what a couple of people had to say. >> they hang up on you
for 86 years. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. rick reichmuth live on the upper west side at the start of this year's magical march. 50 million people always watch this thing and you're going to show us the highlights. >> i know. it's such a great event. one of the big things that happens is celebrities come and get on these floats. kobe kelly, welcome to new york. >> thank you so much. >> you're a southern california girl. >> i am. so right now i'm completely bundled up. it's not too bad, but i'm cold. >> it's not that bad. as a kid, did you watch this parade on tv? >> yes, every year. it's amazing that i get to be on a float now and wave to people for a couple hours and sing one of my christmas songs. i'm really looking forward to it. >> i heard you maybe didn't want to do this because it meant you might not be home for thanksgiving. >> yeah. usually people would be excited for the opportunity, but when they offered it, i was like, but my family, i want to be with my family. but my parents and everyone, they decided we're going to do thanksgiving tomorrow. so i was like okay, good. i
. remember this one from last year? rick reichmuth sure lives on the edge and over it and he's doing it again this yearment we're going to show i couldn't he's about to drop off the side of a 22-story building in connecticut. rick's annual santa rappel down a sky scraper live this morning, straight down 300 feet stanford connecticut. good morning to you, rick. >> good morning. yeah. when you look over the ledge from the top, it's not all that fun. you're getting the good shot there. you can see the camera crew setting up down below the cars. i would imagine they look really small on your television monitor. >> steve: where is the trampoline? >> pretty high up. man, you have got all the good ideas, steve. there isn't one. a lot of preparation is underway to make all of this happen. this is all part of this heights in lights thing that happens here in stanford, connecticut of the every year santa comes over the wall, sunday night at 5:00 o'clock. ushers in the christmas season and a few of us have gotten roped int
. >> alisyn: rick is good at shredding documents. rick reichmuth is here. >> rick: did you see argo. >> alisyn: not yet. >> none of you have seen the argo. >> dave: i'd like to see the affleck flick. >> and the confetti and shredded material coming together, plot line for you. i've been at the beginning of that parade many times and always bags of colored confetti, i haven't seen anything on it except just the pieces of colored confetti. >> alisyn: thank you. >> rick: all right, guys, here is your temperatures waking up this morning. a big warm-up in the low teens and now back up to 30 and a big change here, from temporarily, when we're moving across the plains and looking good again, one little disturbance across michigan right now bringing snow, it's mutilation -- it's light snow not causing any problems, and rain and snow across the mountains montana and light, and clearing out across the pacific northwest on wednesday across the west, a couple days of a breather. and today's highs, everybody looking good. across the northern plains and not that bad and again, tomorrow, colder air behind th
of another major storm. david: our own rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center to tell us where this thing is going. rick? >> you know what? first of all, it is not anything like sandy. we need to realize that we have snow, rain and wind. compared though not anything comparable at all. annoying nonetheless especially if you don't have power as some people don't, getting snow now. coastal areas of jersey shore, last we can seeing the devastation we have snow. it is certainly not good. but the snow fall totals are inch or two of slushy snow. this is quick hitting storm so that is good news. we're getting snow into parts of new york city and long island. we have another six hours to get through this. the winds will be 50 to 60 miles an hour. look at this, by 3:00 in the morning the snow is gone across jersey. gone in towards much of new york city. it is out of here by tomorrow morning. so that's good. we'll see the wind die down by tomorrow afternoon. we still have winter storm warnings in effect from maine down to the parts of the mid-atlantic. interior areas, isolated six inches.
rick reichmuth our meteorologist here, it was well down past of florida and cuba and saying it's heading for us, you're seeing the super charged areas around the world and you were able though to monitor it, using incredible technology and think back in history what we had with the galveston hurricane that devastated the port of galveston in early 1900 and relying on telegrams from cuba and dispatches. that's all we had to work with. >> yeah, you know, and he saw that storm coming as well and saw what was happening in the atmosphere as it was approaching galveston and one of the things that i remember back with andrew connelling into florida and we just had the doppler radar system put in place, and i could remember that morning seeing the winds on that radar going, oh, no, homestead is going to be devastated because of wind were just so incredible and that was really the first time we saw it using the doppler radar system. >> clayton: when you saw it was headed for new jersey, what did you think? >> basically i said the coastline was going to be changed forever. there's no dou
? >> rick reichmuth live for us in the fox weather center. thank you. former boxing champion hector clinging to life tonight after gunmen shot him in the face last night. according to doctors, the prognosis here is not good. he won several titles in the 80's and 90's police say he was shot while sitting in a ford mustang outside a bar in his hometown near san juan puerto rico. suspects in an suv reportedly opened fire and sped off. medics rushed the 50-year-old box tore a nearby hospital. doctors had initially expected him to survive but they now say his condition was worsened and his family is now said to be weighing whether to take him off of life support. well, parents seem to have no problem poniying up the dough when it comes to their kids' sports. now some folks say the pressure is getting to the kids. and making what is supposed to be a game into pure business. plus, a college basketball player destroyed his competition along with the national record. but it was far from a perfect day on the court. that story is next. most impressive technology often comes with a set of equally impres
a legend. love that guy. >> check in with rick reichmuth and see what our weekend first alert forecast looks like. >> looking good. you worry about thanksgiving weekend for travelers getting home and maybe another storm at the end of it we made through the entire thing scot-free. it's cold. 13 degrees in minneapolis. the tenks have dropped off from where you were on wednesday. aside from that, no big storms. cold front eastern seaboard. behind it a ton of sunshine. there will be a little bit of a problem around the great lakes. that cold air will continue to move across the great lakes which have still pretty warm. out across the west, warm moisture continuing to pull. in it's now moving in across interior sections, idaho and iowa seeing some of the snow. snowfall totals we will see from lake-effect snow are not going to be all that high. maybe 4 inches jamestown, new york. in essence maybe 3 to 6 inches. not all that bad. but it could cause a little bit of problems on the road. here are your temps for the day today. you see the cold air around the great lakes and northeast. warming up
meteorologist rick reichmuth is here. he has the answer in the fox extreme weather center. >> reporter: hi. as long as you bundle up, you're going to be fine. but it is going to be cold, and can it's behind this system right here. not yet any big snow problems. that's one across the east. there is another system flowing into the pacific northwest, so areas around portland up towards seattle. that'll continue, obviously, with another system back behind that. this is what the temperatures are like behind this cold front, 22 in minneapolis, so the cold air is settling in, temps into the teens across much of the dakotas and minnesota. it's a big change from where we were just 24 hours ago, around a 5-degree drop -- 35-degree drop for a lot of people. of course, you were breaking high temperature records before that. here's your forecast for the day. we have this front stretched still across the eastern seaboard, a very, very nice day. it's back behind this where the colder air is. out across the west, things are looking fine. tons of sunshine except for that pacific northwest area, so things a
of the worst weather is still to come. rick reichmuth is in the fox news extreme weather center with a look at that. >> reporter: it's been a really rainy month, around 10 inches of rain, and now a lot more rain coming to the same area. anywhere from around northern california down to just north of the santa barbara area is where the direction of the storm is going today, at least most of the moisture. and you can see that here. heavy rain come anything around san francisco and in towards sacramento. a lot of this area prone to flooding, and we're going to see some rapid river rises here. you see this snow, for the most part it's been a pretty warm storm system, so it's been mostly rain, and the snow has been relegated to the higher elevations. most of the pass levels where people drive, those are all rain and not snow, but if it were snow, it'd be a lot more. we will see a few feet of snow falling across the higher terrain, but for the most part we're talking about rain, and it's going to continue for the next number of days. this disturbance is bringing a lot of tropical moisture in, call
is the weather affecting your holiday shopping? rick reichmuth is in the extreme weather center. favorite holiday movie? >> reporter: an oldie like "miracle on 34th street. i have never seen any of those five movies. but don't let your kids watch "love actually" with you. bringing the older air behind, not a lot of moisture associated with it. not big rain problems or travel issues which is great news. a lot of people trying to get home today or tomorrow. it is cold behind it. we have another system moving into the pacific northwest. this is rain, no big snow with it. it's just cold behind this storm right up here it's 24 degrees in minneapolis. that a big change from 24 hours sea go. a big area where it plummeted. a 35-degree drop. much colder air there. the futurecast. it will bring us some lake-effect snow we have had so far this season. but there is 3-6 inches of snow across the great lakes. the rain that's in there now will move into the mountains of the rockies and bring some snow. but you lucked out with travel so far this holiday season and it looks good all the way through sunday. rick:
. >>> millions of holiday travelers are heading home and weather wise it could be the perfect day. rick reichmuth is joining stimulus we rarely get good weather at the beginning of thanksgiving and after for the return home. today we have a problem across the great lakes with lake-effect snow, a couple bands heavy south of buffalo and just over to the south of the water town area but no big airports, so there's good news. the west side of the country has had disturbances across the pacific northwest but that's cleared out as well. you're looking fine. the precipitation we had there is moving across the northern rockies and bringing snow to south dakota and nebraska but in general, the rest of the country looking mostly sunny and very nice. temperatures even are looking pretty good. your highs for today, a little bit cooler towards the north but it is the end of november, he should be a little bit cold. to the south we're warm and sunny. so things looking good. if tomorrow is your travel home day, things are just fine. we'll see cold air across the northern plains and then the next disturbance we'
own rick reichmuth was on reporting the weather saying before the storm hit, we'll be out of power seven to 10 days. we knew that. and yet we were not prepared for that. how come? >> that's a really good question. during our time at the white house both in the situation room and then on the homeland security council staff we learned a lot of lessons from hurricane katrina. those were written down. congress was a part of that process. what we learned you have to precoordinate assets. you have to be sure that you're on a video teleconference with the state emergency operations centers, with fema, with the department of energy, making sure that all those resources are ready to go, prestaged, ready to go into the affected area once the storm blows through. in many cases that will increase response time. the federal government says you have to be able to sustain yourselves for about three days and federal support will come to you. in this case it did not. 12 days later we're still without power in many locations. in our case we didn't have fema on the ground until eight days after the s
away with wallets and no one was seriously hurt. now time to turn it over it rick reichmuth, one of the biggest issues on election day is the forecast, and the nor'easter that may be coming our way again on the east coast. >> to the same battered area, election day not looking the best. take a look at the map, the green rain and the white is cloud cover, this is 6 a.m. tuesday through the day. and just a little bit of light rain across parts of wisconsin and across parts of the south. so places like north florida, georgia, south carolina and late in the day maybe heavier rain towards parts of coastal north carolina, if you're headed there that day, that storm that we're worried about into the day on wednesday and of course, areas across the northeast, in towards parts of jersey, another cold night tonight. but if we are he going to get through the next three days and then watch the storm that's looking more and more scary, i hate to say it, probably some very windy conditions for people who don't have power, wind along the coast may be a little bit of storm surge and very, very c
answers. >> steve: they haven't seen it yet. >> gretchen: get to rick reichmuth who is normally here on the weekend. it's great to be in your company, rick. you are going to give us the weather island. >> the red cross has been out on staten island. they do an amazing job. that can provide some of those beginning basics for people. the electricity, obviously is such a big deal. [inaudible] >> it's possible. if you get 10 trucks out there. staten island. they had a lot of place informs go. when you spread a storm of this magnitude out across such a big area it takes time to get into all of those spots. the red cross, you know everybody, it's one of those great places to donate because they do such a great job every time after these storms. big storm coming next wednesday also that we're going to be talking about. i want it show you. this the next five days looking cool all across the area. so people without power, you have got cooler days and cooler nights. the temps this weekend. the coldest we have seen. tonight the coldest we have seen so far this year. that's the case out across j
with that those are your headlines. check with rick reichmuth. is that a aircraft carrier? >> it is. it is. we are smoking a turkey out here. if you want to know what it smells like. you with just smell me because there is no way to get away from it and i fully smell like smoked turkey thought. take a look at your weather as you are heading out this evening. great day for almost every on the 4/5th of the country. how is that for dividing it up. subject vine across the northeast. temps cooler than average but not that bad. down to the southeast. rain across coastal areas of florida and georgia by tonight and tomorrow that moves across the coastal areas of the carolinas. just coast. head inland and looking fine. east coast not the west coast. everybody else plenty of sunshine. temps cool into the 60's. into the northern plains, these temps here are around 20 degrees above where you should be when did you go go out across the west that's where all the activity is,s that's where it is going to remain for the next four to five days. california down to southern california. snow into the higher eleva
. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the fox weather center with more on all of that. rick? >> jon, cold air to be had. it is november. when you get tropical storms after that you think you got warmth. not all the case. due to late season storms. lows tonight again into the 30s and 40s for everyone. tomorrow, daytime highs similar today. that will be the pattern we're dealing with over the next four to five days. no big changes here. the good news there isn't any significant precipitation. look at the future precipitation here, what you see, this light color, that is a trace of rain. that will be the remnants of what is sandy, maybe moving across the lakes causing a little bit of lake effect precipitation, mostly rain. that is very, very light. that is all the way through saturday. there is talk of potential nor'easter some type of storm next tuesday election day. got to tell you the models continue to pull it offshore. we're not concerned about that. that is good news. we'll see more rain tuesday across parts of the south. none of that looks even significant. that is certa
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)